Zircon & Zirconia Mullite CUMIZITE & CUMIZOM

REFRAMAT as authorized marketing partner of Carborundum Universal Ltd (Cumi), offers its range of Refractories solutions including Zircon and Zirconia Mullite. We offer entire range of Zircon & Zirconia Mullite, CUMIZITE ZM, CUMIZOM 65G


CUMIZON & CUMIZITE Zirconia mullite refractories are specially meant for applications that encounter alkaline vapour attack. They have good load bearing capacity, high refractoriness and high hot strength.

User IndustriesApplication
GlassCUMIZON for Melter Bottom Blocks,
Filler Blocks below silica crown skew Blocks
Forehearth sub structure
Borosilicate furnaces:
Forehearth superstructure
Spout burner blocks
Regenerator Top checkers
Regenerator Crown
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