Ferro Titanium (FeTi) is an alloy of iron and titanium. Ferro Titanium is an alloy with different combination of Iron & Titanium and usually avalbale in the range between Ti: 25 – 75%.It is either produced in Induction Furnace or by Alumino Thermit Prcess.

Ferro Titanium is extensively used in steelmaking as a cleansing agent for iron and steel industry. Titanium is highly reactive with sulphur, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, forming insoluble compounds and appropriating them in slag. Hence Ferro Titanium used for deoxidizing and also may be used for desulfurization and denitrification. 

During steelmaking, titanium is usually introduced as Ferro Titanium because of its relatively low melting temperature and high density. Steels with relatively high titanium content include interstitial-free, stainless, high-strength low-alloy steels. Furthermore, in steel making the addition of titanium yields metal with finer grain structure..

Ferro Titanium is also used in the manufacture of welding electrodes. It enhances the weldability of the steel, increases the strength of the welds as there is a resistance to occurrence of fatigue cracks during welding.

Reframat offer premium grade Ferro Titanium used for various industrial applications

Titanium (Ti) : 30% Min

Aluminium (Al) : 8% (max)

Silicon (Si) : 1.5% (max)

Carbon (C) : 0.1% (max)

Phosphorus (P) : 0.05% (max)

Sulphur (S) : 0.05% (max)

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