Noble Ferro Alloys

Noble Ferro-alloys are one of the key additive inputs required especially in production of Alloy and Special steel grades. Noble Ferro-alloys also refer to alloys used in small quantities and are relatively expensive compared to bulk ferro-alloys. These alloys are used in the production of steel as deoxidant and alloying agents.

The use of these high temperature alloys impart strength, resistance and stability. These alloys are used generally in production of alloy or special steels used for purpose / manufacture of turbine engines, power plants, furnaces and other special requirements. These noble Ferro-Alloys are mostly manufactured through Alumino-Thermic process.

Reframat offer range of Noble Ferro-Alloys include Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro-tungsten,  Ferro-Titanium, Ferro-Nickel, Ferro-Niobium, Calcium Silicide. 

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