Tri-Mor Albond

A bauxite based, low cement castable specifically developed for aluminium contact applications. Albond combines high strength with excellent resistance to corundum growth.

Bond Type Hydraulic   
Raw Material Base Calcined Bauxite   
Maximum Service Temperature °C 1400   
Refractoriness °C (Seger Cone) 1785 (35)   
Bulk Density kg/m3 Dried to 110°C 2820   
Net Material Required Cast (Gunned) kg/m3 2800 (n/a)   
Physical Properties     
Test Temperature
 Cold Crushing Strength
 Permanent Linear Change
110 110 – 160 nil 
800 110 – 160 -0.2 
1000 140 -200 -0.3 
1300 140 -200 -0.8 
1400 140 -200 -1.2 
Thermal Conductivity at mean temp. 600°C (W/mK) 2.3   
Chemical Analysis (%)     
Al2O3 81   
SiO2 11   
CaO 1.8   
Fe2O3 1.2   
Water Addition     
% by weight 5.5-6.5   
Litres/25kgs 1.375-1.625   
Samples Prepared By : Vibrocasting   
Note : The above typical values shown are based on average test result on standard samples. Properties are subjected to reasonable variation based on product shape etc. and hence should be considered for general guidence only.
The above data is determined by regular sample testing in accordance with British Standard 1902 (where applicable). Because normal manufacturing tolerances apply, the data should not be taken as a precise specification.
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