High Alumina Mortar

The main material in HA Refractory Mortar is high alumina clinker, soft clay or chemical binder. The content of alumina is determined according to the composition of masonry and use requirement. This mortar can be widely used in various industrial furnaces with high alumina brick masonry. This mortar is used for masonry roof, regenerator, combustion chamber and so on. High alumina refractory mortar (HA Mortar) can also be used for repairing industrial furnace, furnace wall and other parts of blast furnace.

Refractory mortar is also called joint filler is an amorphous refractory material made of the mixture of the refractory powder, binder and admixture. The refractory mortar is a paste slurry (concentrated suspension) with high concentration of solid particles. Refractory mortar has the characteristics of Bingham fluid and its solid/liquid mass ratio is about 70~75/25~30, while the volume ratio of solid / liquid varies with the proportion  of the refractory powder.

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