Microtherm FBK

MICROTHERM FBK are tailor made kits of microporous insulation for glass feeder bowls. The kits consist of different MICROTHERM materials, specially chosen to allow fast assembly on-site. The dimensions are based entirely on customer specifications. The formulation is an opacified blend of filament reinforced pyrogenic silica.


MICROTHERM FBK is the reference in glass feeder bowl insulation and ensures optimized thermal performance during discharge from the forehearth, guaranteeing the best possible overall quality.


  • Custom made to specification
  • Ensures uniformity of glass gob size and weight
  • Extremely low thermal conductivity
  • High thermal stability
  • Non combustible
  • No harmful respirable fibers
  • Environmentally friendly, free of organic binders
  • Resistant to most chemicals


Microporous insulation offers an extremely low thermal conductivity, close to the lowest theoretically possible at  high temperatures. Microporous materials are the preferred choice when a large temperature reduction is required within a limited space, or when strict heat loss or surface temperature requirements are specified.

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