CUMILAG 23 (Insulation Refractories)

CUMILAG 23 insulation exhibit unique combination of chemical, mechanical stability and insulating properties. They are suitable for applications at service temperatures ranging from 1250 C to 1850 C. They can be directly exposed to flame, and combustion products.



  • Ceramic, Metallurgical
  • Carbon black
  • Fertiliser
  • Iron & Steel
  • Power generation


  • High temperature kiln hot face & backup lining
  • Back up lining
  • Primary reformer and hydrogen transfer lines back up,Secondary reformer cold face
  • Blast furnace stoves
  • High temperature air pre-heaters

cumilag 23 properties

Physical PropertiesUNITLimit ValueTypical Value
Maximum Hot Face Temperature°C12601260
Bulk Densitygm/cc0.60 max.0.55
Cold Crushing StrengthKg/cm210 min.0.55
Reheat Change (For 24 hrs.)%+/-1.5max.at1250°C-0.7at1250°C
Thermal Conductivity   
At 400°C Hot Face Temp.W/m K0.20 max.0.14
At 600°C Hot Face Temp.W/m K0.25 max.0.17
At 800°C Hot Face Temp.W/m K0.30 max.0.24
At 1000°C Hot Face Temp.W/m K0.35 max.0.26
At 1200°C Hot Face Temp.W/m K0.40 max.0.3
Chemical Analysis   
Al2O3%35.0 min.37.2
Fe2O3%1.0 max.0.8
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