Microtherm Quilted

The MICROTHERM QUILTED and SEMI-QUILTED range of products are custom made flexible microporous insulation panels with very good thermal properties. The panels are produced in a glass cloth outer envelope, making them clean and easy to handle. Stitching can be one-directional (2D flexure) for the MICROTHERM SEMI-QUILTED panels, or two-directional (3D flexure) for the MICROTHERM® QUILTED panels. The formulation is an opacified blend of filament reinforced pyrogenic silica (alumina for 1200 grade). MICROTHERM® (SEMI-) QUILTED – 1000R is a very flexible, custom made insulation panel. MICROTHERM® (SEMI-)QUILTED-1000R HY is a very flexible, custom made insulation panel with a hydrophobic core treatment to repel water. It is ideal for applications where contact with liquid water or condensation (dew point) is possible. MICROTHERM® (SEMI-)QUILTED-1200 is a very flexible, alumina based, custom made insulation panel which is capable of withstanding peak temperatures of 1200 °C.


  • custom made and very flexible
  • extremely low thermal conductivity
  • high thermal stability
  • shock and vibration resistant
  • available in different temperature grades, including a hydrophobic version
  • non-combustible
  • clean and easy to install (procedure can be found on our website)
  • simple to cut and shape (procedure can be found on our website)
  • no harmful respirable fibres
  • environmentally friendly, free of organic binders
  • resistant to most chemicals


Microporous insulation offers an extremely low thermal conductivity, close to the lowest theoretically possible at high temperatures. Microporous materials are the preferred choice when a large temperature reduction is required within a limited space, or when strict heat loss or surface temperature requirements are specified

• 3D geometries
• aerospace
• automotive

• small radius pipe insulation
• R&D centres – advanced research

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