Slide Gate Refractories Image

Slide Gate Refractories

Slide Gate Refractories Image


Slide Gate Refractories includes the Slide Plate, Collector Nozzle, Ladle Nozzel used in the Laddle for the free flow and improved downstream of molten metal.

  • Slide Plate (Al-C)
  • Collector Nozzle
  • Ladle Nozzle
  • Well Block (HA)
  • Tundish Nozzle with 95% Zr Insert
  • 90% Al-Cr Jointing Mortar

Ladle Slide Gate Materials

  • Plates
  • Nozzles
  • Well Blocks

Tundish Slide Gate Materials

REFRAMAT supply CUMI‘s high performance tundish refractory materials for all applications ranging from slab, bloom and billet casters, to thin slab, beam blank and strip casting.

Their product offering includes plates, nozzles and tubes for the following systems:

  • Tube changers
  • Tundish plate systems
  • Nozzle changers for billet casters
  • Metering nozzles