The Nozzle Filling Compound (NFC) is a very important granular material which is specifically used to prevent SKULLING and FREEZING OF STEEL. The material is developed in such a way with particular particle size, so that it remains flow-able at extreme high temperature and the ladle slide gate operation can be finished trouble free and consistent. In simple words, ladle nozzle filling material is used to fill the ladle nozzle before tapping the molten steel into the ladle. This material falls freely upon opening the slide gate followed by the molten steel.


FUNCTION The main and very important function of NOZZLE FILLING COUMPOUND is to become a key ingredient in successful operation of Ladle Slide Gate System. It must have enough refractoriness to prevent particle sintering at high temperatures and maintain good flow-ability.


Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound (NFC) is a high refractory material which is a result of a very successful amalgamation of all good products, thus have excellent flow. Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound (NFC) is Chromite, Zirconia, Alumina and Silica based SBR-LN that is custom-made according to the prevailing plant practice. Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound is designed on the most successful combination of ingredients in controlled sizes in appropriate ratios as revealed by experiments in simulation conditions. Ladle Nozzle Filling Compound gives free openings consistently, reduces ladle turnaround time, offer more production of better quality due to greatly reduced lancing and effective coating technique makes it less polluting.




Nozzle filling compounds (NFC)  are used as a special refractory material in steel mills in Ladle and Tundish moulds for smooth and easy operation. NFC is filled in the cores of ladle and tundish, and being free flowing in nature, it ensures trouble free opening of sliding gate in casting operation. High sintering point is the key to successful product performance of Nozzle filling compound (NFC).


  • Increase in the Life of Nozzles, Well blocks and Slide Gate Plates.
  • Assurance of good nozzle opening performance
  • As it effectively prevents SKULLING and FREEZING OF STEEL, “Ladle Return” from Casting Platform is minimized.
  • It minimizes the need for oxygen lancing for opening the slide gate nozzle.
  • Overall, this product saves Money, Time and Energy, and Increases Profitability.
  • Continuous trouble free operations with better free opening ratio
  • Easy opening of Sliding Gate reduces breakdown in casting cycle
  • High working temperatures eliminates reheating and lancing
  • No pickup in steel improving steel quality
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