CUMILOX High Alumina refractories are produced from fused and sintered alumina for high purity range from 85 – 99.5% alumina. Calcined Bauxite, Chamotte, etc. are used for 85% alumina and below. High purity alumina, being a stable oxide, is inert to corrosive attack in oxidizing atmospheres and can also withstand highly reducing atmospheres. It can also withstand high temperature hydrogen attack and is indispensable in applications which encounter hydrogen attack. CUMILOX possesses all these inherent characteristics of alumina and more.


  99.5% Alumina with glass free
alumina bond, 1750 Deg. C Fired
PROPERTIESUNITLimit ValueTypical Value
Maximum Hot Face TemperatureC18701870
Bulk Densitygm/cc3.20 min.3.3
Apparent Porosity%19.0 max.16
Cold Crushing StrengthKg/cm2800 min.900
Modulus of RuptureKg/cm2  
At Room Temperature 180 min.200
At  1350C 50 min.70
Reheat Change %  
After heating at 1450°C for 6 hrs.  +/-0.1 max.-0.05
Thermal ConductivityW/m K  
At 800o C Hot Face Temperature 3.0 max.2.65
At 1000C Hot Face Temperature 2.9 max.2.45
At 1200C Hot Face Temperature 3.0 max.2.6
Chemical Analysis %   
Al2O3 99.0 min.99.5
SiO2 0.20 max.0.17
Fe2O3 0.07 max.0.06
Recommended Laying Mortars CUMIBOND LA 102 XL 
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