Low Cement Castable

Low Cement Castable,  one kind of refractory cement castable materials, contains 3~8% cement content and performs variety excellent properties of high strength, low porosity, high density, low abrasion, thermal shock resistance and erosion resistance. Low Cement Castable refractory material is mainly used in metallurgy, electricity, petroleum, chemical industry and other silicate kiln. Low Cement Castable is calcium aluminate cement binding refractory castable and contains less than 2.5% CaO content. Base materials adopt ultrafine powder that have the same or similar chemical component with main material and have cohesive bonding function instead of part or most calcium aluminate cement. This kind of castable refractory belongs to concomitant hydration and cohesive bonding castable.

  • Castable cement has over 10~30% cement content.
  • Low cement castable is just  3~8% cement content.
  • Ultra low cement castable just has 1% cement content.
  • Non-cement is castable refractory without cement content.


  • High refractoriness, high temperature strength and slag resistance.
  • Low porosity & High bulk density.
  • Low water content.
  • High strength.
  • Low linear change rate.
  • High thermostability
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