Bio Soluble Rope

REFRAMAT offers Bio soluble Rope products which are a versatile alternative to traditional insulation solutions. Made from a special alkaline earth composition that have been uniquely engineered to offer advantages in high temperature insulation applications due to their low thermal conductivity, low biopersistence and low linear shrinkage up to their use limit.

Bio Soluble Braided Rope are made from Superwool Plus fiber enclosed in a fiberglass braid or SS wire braid to give excellent handling strength
Bio Soluble Twisted Rope: twisted threads made of Superwool plus fibre yarn reinforced with fiberglass or SS wire.
Burning of the 20% organic carrier contained by the textile materials happens at 400 C leading to smoke and out gassing


Furnace doors and radiant tube seals
Blast furnace stove expansion joint
Coke oven ascension pipe seal, preventing fume emission on exhaust collection system
Coke oven door seal preventing gas Leakage between refractory and door jamb.
Piping insulation
Hot top seal
Welding curtains
Insulation between anode buss and box
Asbestos free and ideal replacement for asbestos cloth products
Inspection door seals
Gaskets & flange seals
Expansion joint packing for refractory brick work in furnaces and kilns.
Pipe wrap or insulation in marine Generators
Insulation lagging for pipes
Radiant tube packing in boilers and furnaces


Low thermal Conductivity
Flexible and easy to use
Excellent thermal Shock resistance
Resistance to molten aluminum
Exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under nota Q of directive 97/69 EC

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