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reframat enterprises

REFRAMAT – Your Single Solution Serving Platter –  for BEST IN CLASS – Refractories, Thermal Insulation & other value for money – Premium Solutions aimed at Conserving Energy!

We serve across industries including Iron & Steel, Cement, Power, Non Ferrous…. With premium solution offerings for industrial products, including Refractories – Shaped (Bricks, Special Shaped) & Unshaped (Monolithics – Ramming Masses, Castables, Mortars), Thermal Insulation – Ceramic Fibre products (Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Boards, Papers, Textiles, Modules), Rockwool Products (Slabs, Wired Mat, Pipe Sections), Calcium Silicate – HYSIL (Blocks, Pipe Sections), Bio-soluble Products, Microporous Boards and Bulk product offerings (Ferro Alloys, Carbon products like CPC, Grahpite Granules, Metallics like Pig Iron, Sponge Iron)..

From serving the diverse needs of the industrial setups thus far, we are pleased to share endeavors to diversify now into specialty Household solutions supplies. Initial focus, apart from insulation and acoustic solutions, is aimed at Automation devices, which syncs with our ideology of driving efforts for Energy conservation..



Refractories solutions being offered include entire range for various industries, including Refractories for Cement Plants, Iron & Steel, Non Ferrous (like Aluminium, Lead, Zinc), Power, Fertilizers etc

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulations solutions including Ceramic Fiber Materials (like Ceramic Fibre Blankets, Boards, Paper, Textiles), Rockwool Insulation, HYSIL (Calcium Silicate) Blocks & Pipe Section, Micro Porous Insulation is available to meet the general and specific demands of the user industry



For any inquiries please email