Dolomite Bricks

Dolomite brick is made as refractory products from calcined dolomite sand. Generally dolomite bricks has more than 40% CaO, more than 35% MgO and some SiO2, Al2O3, Fe2O3 and some other impurities. The ratio of CaO/MgO in natural dolomite is little large. If the ratio of CaO/MgO is less than 1.39, it will be called magnesia dolomite refractory brick.

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Dolomite bricks often compete with magnesia bricks and find application in the steel, cement, and lime industries with steel mills preferring pitch-bonded, tempered grades. On the other hand, sintered dolomite products are used in the manufacturing of the most important materials for the lining of converters and more and more for ladles. Fired Dolomite bricks are only used in the shaft and rotary kilns of the lime and cement industry.


Dolomite is a double carbonate of calcium and magnesium with the chemical formula CaMg (CO3)2 and is used as primary raw material for dolomite bricks. Fired dolomite bricks are far less sensitive to hydration than pitch-bonded dolomite bricks which have only been tempered. We also dip fired bricks in tar or vacuum-impregnated for some applications.

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