Ferro Alloys

Ferro Alloys refers to different alloys of iron with high proportions of one or more other elements such as Manganese (Mn), Aluminum (Al), Chromium(Cr), Silicon (Si), Titanium (Ti), Nickle (Ni), Molybdenum (Mo), Vanadium (V) etc.


The main application of ferroalloys occur in the steelmaking process in the production of steels and alloys.. They are added to steel to improve properties like strength, ductility, fatigue or corrosion resistance. Furthermore, Ferro Alloys are used for many other tasks during steel making like in refining, modification, control of nonmetallic inclusions, precipitates and for deoxidation.

Ferroalloys production is an important part of the manufacturing chain between the Mining, and Steel & Alloys Metallurgy.


Ferro Alloys are usually classified in two groups: Bulk (or Major) Ferroalloys (which are produced in large quantities) and Noble (or Minor) Ferroalloys (produced in smaller quantities, but of a high importance). Bulk ferroalloys are used in steelmaking and steel or iron foundries exclusively, whereas the use of special or Noble ferroalloys is far more diversified.


REFRAMAT remain focused on supply of Quality Ferro Alloys used in Steel manufacturing. We offer both bulk and Noble Ferro Alloys for both domestic and export requirements.

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