CUMILAG (Insulation Refractories)

CUMILAG insulation exhibit unique combination of chemical, mechanical stability and insulating properties. They are suitable for applications at service temperatures ranging from 1250°C to 1850°C. Bubble alumina range of insulating refractories are of light weight, have good load bearing capacity, and low heat capacity. They can be directly exposed to flame, and combustion products.


Outstanding Features

  • Very high refractoriness, structural strength
  • Low thermal conductivity, shrinkage and creep
  • High resistance to reducing atmosphere
  • Uniform pore size and distribution

CUMILAG Data Sheets / Specs.

User IndustriesApplication
Ceramic, MetallurgicalHigh temperature kiln hot face & backup lining
Carbon blackBack up lining
FertiliserPrimary reformer and hydrogen transfer lines back up, Secondary reformer cold face
Iron & SteelBlast furnace stoves
Power generationHigh temperature air pre-heaters

REFRAMAT provide entire range of Insulation bricks from CUMI, including Cumilag 26, Cumilag 29, Cumilag 28, Cumilag 23, Cumilag 30, Cumilag 32