Ferro Manganese

Ferro manganese is an alloy of iron and manganese containing usually about 80% manganese. Ferro manganese is used mainly to counteract the bad effects of sulfur. It also acts as a deoxidizer and combines with sulfur, thereby improving the hot-working properties of the product.


Manganese Ferro Alloys consist of various grades of Ferro Manganese and Silico Manganese. 


Manganese Ferro Alloys are mainly manufactured by carbothermic reduction of manganese ores containing both iron and manganese oxides in submerged arc electric furnaces. The slags produced during the process contain significant amounts of manganese oxide. Manganese Oxide (MnO) and these slags can be reprocessed to Ferro Silico Manganese (popularly called Silico Manganese) and then to refined or Low-carbon (LC – Fe Mn) Ferro Manganese or even to Manganese metal. 


High-carbon Ferro Manganese, generally with 70–80% Mn and 6–8% C, is a deoxidizing agent in steel making and an important alloying element. It has also the property of controlling the harmful effect of sulfur. 

Regular Grade:
Normal Specifications* :
Manganese(Mn) : 70-75%
Silicon (Si) : 1.5% (max)
Carbon (C) : 6-8% (max)
Phosphorus (P) : 0.35% (max)
Sulphur (S) : 0.05% (max)
Size :10-100mm,25-150 mm (90% min)

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