Microtherm Insulation

MICROTHERM MPS (MOULDED PIPE SECTIONS) are preformed microporous insulation shells with very good thermal properties. The shells are covered in a glass cloth outer envelope, making them clean and easy to handle. The formulation is an opacified blend of filament reinforced pyrogenic silica.

MICROTHERM MPS shells have a standard thickness of 25 mm and are designed to fit on standardized pipes. Standard elbows are available for 45° and 90°.


  • Extremely low thermal conductivity
  • High thermal stability
  • Non–combustible
  • Standardized dimensions
  • Quick, clean and easy to install
  • Simple to cut and shape
  • No harmful respirable fibres
  • Environmentally friendly, free of organic binders
  • Resistant to most chemicals


Microporous insulation offers an extremely low thermal conductivity, close to the lowest theoretically possible at high temperatures. Microporous materials are the preferred choice when a large temperature reduction is required within a limited space, or when strict heat loss or surface temperature requirements are specified.


• Petrochemical industry
• Piping insulation
• CSP (Concentrated Solar Power)
• Fuel Cells
• Piping insulation in power plants

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