CUMI Super Refractories a market leader in the manufacture of specialty refractory products in India since 1965 with technical known-how from Carborundum USA. The division specializes in the manufacture of metflow, both fired and monolithics range of refractories catering to the critical and demanding high temperature applications for various industrial applications.

Primary product lines in the Fired range include Silicon Carbide, Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide, Mullite, and Zircon – Mulite, High Alumina, and Insulating Fire Bricks.

Primary product lines in the monolithics range includes the Conventional Castables, Low Cement Castables, Insulation Castables, Self – Flow Castables, Gunning Materials, Ramming Masses and Laying Mortars.

CUMI’s Super Refractory is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest – quality, most highly effective products, system and services. The products manufactured conform to the ISO 9001 Quality standards and procedures, ensuring customer satisfaction.

METFLOW – Flow Control Refractories

Carborundum Universal Ltd (CUMI) takes pride in its state-of-the-art plant that manufacture Flow Control Refractory Products for 1QC and 2QC system which includes Slide Plates, Ladle Nozzle, Collector Nozzle, Porous Plugs, Tundish Nozzles and Well Blocks, along with Mortal and Castables which are extensively used in the Billet Manufacturing process.

For Reheating furnace in the rolling mill, we manufacture Precast-Prefired-Blocks (PCPF), CUMI has achieved a reputation for quality and innovation.


Metflow – Slide Gate Refractory is extensively used in Medium Scale steel plants for making billets. We offer both 1QC & 2QC Range of products. Catalogue is attached for your kind reference.

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