Magnesia Carbon Brick

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Magnesia Carbon Brick

magnesia carbon bricks

Magnesia carbon bricks (Mag carbon bricks) are made from high melting point basic magnesium oxide, high melting carbon which is difficult to be embellish by the slag and a variety of non oxide additives, making non carbonaceous composite magnesia carbon refractory bricks by combining with carbonaceous binder. As composite refractories, magnesia (mag) carbon bricks effectively make the use of the strong slag erosion ability of magnesite clinker as well as high thermal conductivity and low expansibility of carbon to off sets the biggest weakness of poor anti-stripping performance. They have high temperature plasticity.

Magnesia carbon bricks are used in the slag line of refining ladle, Mag carbon bricks are also used for the lining part of AC arc furnace, DC electrical arc furnace, converter and other parts.


  • Good high-temperature performance.
  • Strong slag resistance.
  • Good thermal shock resistance.
  • Low creep at high temperature.
  • Good anti-stripping ability.
  • Anti-stripping performance.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Good thermal conductivity.

Reframat offers high quality Magnesia carbon (Mag Carbon) bricks for Ladle (LRF) and EAF applications for steel industry.

magnesia carbon bricks offered by REFRAMAT as per customers' requirements
SPECIFICATIONSDaimag C – 931030Daimag C – 931030Daimag C – 931030
MgO 92% (+/-1%)in DBM used97% (+/-1%)in DBM used92% (+/-1%)in DBM used
FC/Residual Carbon8 – 12%min12 – 15%min10 – 12%min
BD (gm/cc)2.95Avg3Avg2.95Avg
CCS (Kg/cm2)400min (Kg/cm2)400min (Kg/cm2)400min (Kg/cm2)
Size Tolerance+/- 1 mm or +/- 1%whichever is greater+/- 1 mm or +/- 1%whichever is greater+/- 1 mm or +/- 1%whichever is greater
Application (typical)Steel Ladle – Metal ZoneSteel Ladle – Metal ZoneSteel Ladle – Metal Zone