Graphite Granules

Graphite Granules & Fines. A Product obtained from machining of Graphite Electrodes, very useful for its low content of Sulphur, Nitrogen & Oxygen for critical application in High Quality Steel, Friction material & Lubricants etc.

We are one of the largest Suppliers of Graphite Granules and Graphite Powder in India. Different sizes and grades of Industrial Graphite Powder are available. Our Graphite Granules and Graphite Powder are manufactured from Unspent Synthetic Graphite Electrodes. This gives it excellent carborizing ability with recovery of nearly 98-99%. 


This Graphite Granules and Graphite Powder is particularly useful as a Carboriser in the SG Iron / Ductile Casting manufacturing process – since it provides extremely low Sulphur content, in the range of 0.03% – 0.05%. 

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