For long we at Reframat had requirements shared by clients for superior alternatives to their requirements for LRB Mats, Mineral Wool, Glasswool materials. 


We proudly got associated with ROXUL ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation India Pvt. Ltd, a part of the ROCKWOOL Group – the world’s largest and most experienced producer of stone wool products. ROCKWOOL International A/S is based in Hedehusene, Denmark. ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation develops innovative technical insulation solutions for the process industry & the shipbuilding & offshore market. The dedicated and technically experienced people remain fully committed to provide the very best service and tools in the market and a total range of cutting-edge insulation solutions.


All ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation solutions meet the most stringent quality and safety standards. Both in the process industry and in the marine & offshore industry, the stone wool products offer the highest possible protection against heat and energy loss, fire, noise and other unwanted influences.


Highest Energy Savings Features exceptionally low thermal conductivity, and is by far the best performing high thermal insulation mattress available in the Indian market today for this category.


Keeps Your Maintenance Costs Under Control With its lowest water absorption and chloride content, ProRox Wired Mats minimise the risk of corrosion under insulation (CUI).


Highest Thermal Performance Due to the manufacturing technology, ProRox Wired Mats have the lowest in class shot content. Shots in products lower the insulation’s thermal performance and add to the weight of insulation.

THE Key Highlights of the Rockwool Products Offered by Reframat , from the world Leader in stonewool solutions include:

* Excellent Products with Proven Fire Resilience, Thermal Properties, Acoustic Capabilities

* BIO Soluble Insulation : Our offered ProRox Stone wool Products are Bio – Soluble and naturally degradable. Hence this does not adversely affect the environment & human health, it is safe and non-carcinogenic as per our principle supplier of the Rockwool products..

* Basalt Rocks: Our Offered ProRox Stone wool Products are made of Basalt rocks and hence these have minimum of slag intrusion & hence have very low thermal conductivity even with low density products.

* Chloride & Sulphur Content: Our Offered ProRox Stone wool Products have very less chloride Content and Sulphur Content, hence it helps in preventing CUI related issues.

* Water Repellent Insulation: Non capillary fiber structure & hydrophobic treatment makes our offered product water repellent in nature. This in turn helps in protection of Corrosion under Insulation and continued energy savings with no deterioration in thermal conductivity properties.

* Non Irritant Insulation : Our products being made of natural Basalt rocks, does not cause irritation like itching and rashes. Hence, it is comfortable during installation.

* Superior Wire Netting: Superior GI Wire Netting has been offered for the Stone wool offered in form of Wired Mats

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