Self Flow Castable CUMIFLOW

REFRAMAT as authorized marketing partner of Carborundum Universal Ltd (Cumi), offers its range of Refractories solutions including Self Flow Castable. We offer entire range of self flow castable, CUMIFLOW 45, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 etc.


CUMIFLOW range of self-flow castables is characterised by a consistency, which allows them to flow, and de-air without adding external energy such as heavy vibration. CUMI also provides no-cement self-flow castables.


  • No / very little Vibration is required
  • Lining of complicated geometry is possible
  • Casting of thin layers (< 20 mm) is possible
  • Lining of surfaces with high anchor density is easy
  • Required water quantity is comparable to vibrating low cement castables
  • Low porosity through excellent de-airing and compacting
  • Homogenous density of the lining
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