Superwool® Plus™ offers the same benefits as the other members of the Superwool family but with improved handling strength & enhanced thermal properties. Superwool® Plus™ is manufactured from pure raw materials using a new manufacturing technology. In addition to enhanced thermal properties, large nuisance dust particles have been efffectively eliminated making the product soft to the touch and less irritating during use.
Superwool® Plus™ Blanket is made of long Superwool fibres having the same chemical formulation as the original and well proven Superwool 607® product. It is available in a wide range of thicknesses and densities. It exhibits outstanding insulating properties at elevated temperatures.
Superwool® Plus™ Blanket has excellent thermal satbil;ity and retains its original soft fibrous structure up to its maximu continuous use temperature. Superwool® Plus™ is needled from both nside and possesses high strength, before and after heating. Superwool® Plus™ Blanket contains neither binder nor lubricant and does not emit any fumes or smell during the first firing. Superwool® Plus™ is flexible, easy to cut and shape and easy to install. (CAS number: 329211-92-9)


  • Power generation especially HRSG duct insulation
  • Chimney insulation
  • Process heater linings
  • Pipe warp
  • Annealing furnace linings
  • Furnace and kiln back-up insulation
  • Storage heater insulation
  • Domestic oven insulation
  • Automotive exhaust heat shields
  • Aluminum transfer launder covers
  • Welding stress relief


Classification temperature                                     1200°C
Maximum continuous use temperature               1000°C
Colour :                                                                       White
Density :                                                                     64, 96,128,160 kg/m3
Tensile strength :                                                      128 kg/m3 75 kPa


Following the decision by the European standards committee to withdraw the Thermal Conductivity test according to EN 1094-1 as being inaccurate, Morgan Thermal Ceramics has been decided to quote all Thermal Conductivity data according to the well established ASTM C-201 method.


  • Exceptional thermal insulating performance compared with industry standards
  • Free of binder or lubricant
  • Thermal stability
  • Low heat storage
  • Good resistance to tearing
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Immune to thermal shock
  • Good sound absorption
  • Exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under nota Q of directive 97/69EC


1200°C/2192°F EN 1094-1
With Superwool® Plus™ fiber, the consistent use of pure raw materials in our factories globally has lead to the 1% shrinkage temperature rising from >1100°C to >1200°C. For this reason, the classification temperature is now given as 1200°C in line with the EN-1094-1 norm.
Superwool® Plus™ fibers have been proven over many years to withstand continuous use in an oxidizing atmosphere at 1000°C. This temperature is quoted as the Maximum Continuous Use temperature. For applications above 1000°C, Morgan Thermal Ceramics recommends Superwool® 607HT® fiber which has a classification temperature of 1300°C.


Permanent liner shrinkage after 24 hours isotherm heating at 1200°C : 1% 

The values given herein are typical values obtained in accordance with accepted test methods and are subject to normal manufacturing variations.
They are supplied as a technical service and are subject to change without notice. Therefore, the data contained herein should not be used for specification purposes.


SiO2 : 62-68%
CaO : 26-32%
MgO : 3-7%
Other : <1%

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