ceramic fiber MODULE


Ceramic fiber modules are made from high quality needled Blanket, Edge staked (or) Folded with various anchors and other accessories to enable quick, convenient and efficient installation in most furnace linings.
These prefabricated modules are designed to meet the thermal insulation requirements of high temperature furnaces.
Modules are made from ceramic fiber, precompressed to a specific density, and held in position with the suitable anchors / accessories.
During installation, the modules are further compressed, the resilience of the fiber and recovery ensure tightly compressed inter-modular joints


Refractory Fiber Blankets in Modular form


  • High temperature furnace
  • Kiln and Heater linings
  • Coil annealing furnaces
  • Reheat furnace door linings
  • Process heater lining
  • Ammonia reformers and crude oil heater linings
  • Shuttle and Tunnel Kiln


  • Faster insulation
  • Reduced shrinkage compared to layered lining
  • Low heat storage
  • Superior to thermal stability and shock resistance
  • Resilient blanket resistant to mechanical damage
  • Versatile and can be easily cut in the site to suit awkward configurations


Veneering : 1260 °C / 1425 °C
Saber bloc-I & III : 1260 °C / 1425 °C
Pyrofold “M” : 1260 °C / 1425 °C
Pyrobloc : 1260 °C / 1425 °C
Z – Bloc II &III : 1260 °C / 1425 °C
Convoluted : 1260 °C / 1425 °C
Strip Modules : 1260 °C / 1425 °C
Edge grain Modules : 1260 °C / 1425 °C


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