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The Höganäs sponge grades for welding applications are renowned for their high and uniform quality. Their wide range of powders with varying chemical and physical properties, all with low levels of impurities and narrow specifications, helps enhancing the characteristics and performance of covered electrodes as well as flux-cored and metal-cored wires. Iron powder is the best choice or even the only alternative in many applications that require specific properties and consistency. The high surface area and/or purity of iron powder offer more cost-effective solutions and increased productivity compared to alternative methods.

Power of Powder

Metal powder offers entirely new possibilities to create more effective, lighter products with a reduced environmental impact. By combining the right alloy with a suitable morphology of the powder grains, new opportunities open up to match your challenges. Metal powders are traditionally used to manufacture sintered components for vehicles. But there is a lot more to them. By fortifying food with elemental iron, anaemia can be reduced. By coating with nickel, glass bottle production life is prolonged with wear and temperature resistance. By employing new iron based powders, high temperature brazing of heat exchangers is possible. By utilising the three dimensional magnetic flux of encapsulated metal powders, smaller electrical motors can now be produced. And so on. In fact, the possibilities of metal powder technology are almost endless.


  • Iron Powder Cutting Process is the new technology as compared to oxy-fuel cutting.
  • This process can cut Metals with thickness, variety range giving high productivity.
  • No extra skills are required. Gas Cutting person will use it with the same ease.
  • This Cutting process gives High Speed Cutting
  • The equipment and setup is very portable and handy.
  • Iron Powder (manufactured specially for Cutting Process) is induced into the regular Oxy-LPG flame where Iron Powder undergoes exothermic reaction and evolves heat in addition to the flame heat.
  • The combined heat is controlled and utilized as per requirement for cutting wide metal range, which are not possible to cut with the traditional cutting process.

Metals range cut with Iron Powder Cutting Process…

  • Stainless Steel 
  • Alloyed Steel 
  • Cast Iron 
  • Non Ferrous 
  • Refractory & Concrete 


Powder Cutting Process –benefit raise productivity upto 60%

Productivity:Iron powder cutting process reduces cutting time inturn effecting in increased productivity with the same work force and time. Results have shown rise in productivity upto 60%. In manual operation results vary.
Efficiency: Iron powder cutting process helps in increasing efficiency of the work force resulting in higher productivity and benefit the industry with more turnaround per year.

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